The benefits of the law to encourage the rights of the elderly

Whether you are an individual or a company, this article is for you who are interested in learning about and being a part of the Incentive Law for the Rights of the Elderly, created to facilitate and streamline the process of raising funds for the development of special protection actions for the elderly.

It is the duty of the family, society and the State to support and ensure the participation of elderly people in the community in which they live, guaranteeing them the right to life, defending their dignity and well-being. These are premises of the Federal Constitution, in art. 115 of Law no. 10.741, October 1, 2003, which made the donations to the Funds of Rights to be recognised as a specific law that stipulates the possible values that will be directed – constituting in the federal, district, state and municipal spheres – for actions to protect the rights of the elderly; received, managed and handled by the Councils of the Elderly.

The social incentive laws play a very important role, as they impact the lives of many people and due to the donations made through their income tax, several projects can come to life, helping thousands of people and also assisting in the reduction of taxes.

Regarding to the elderly, the money is invested, for example, in equipment to support hospital care, in multidisciplinary team actions, team qualification for a better relationship between professionals and elderly patients.

In order to offer better conditions to elderly patients, many measures need to be taken, such as multiprofessional care, palliative care (these are essential and demand considerable financial cost, as they require preferential care, greater privacy, thus reducing the number of beds per room, individualized care, ease of access to the multiprofessional team, especially the geriatric, once it provides specialized attention, individualized and holistic care, evaluation techniques and specialized diagnosis), training of professionals, safety and accessibility items, for example, acquisition of stretchers, wheelchairs, environment adaptation and adequate medical-hospital equipment and materials for the patient’s care.

When it is possible to put into practice and carry out all the improvements for the care of the elderly, the benefits are clearly seen, as the hospitalisation time is much shorter, the patient is rehabilitated earlier, the probability of another consecutive hospitalisation also decreases a lot, the quality of life of the elderly after leaving hospital is also clearly considerable.

Those who think that there is only the Law of Incentive in relation to the Rights of the Elderly and the National Fund for the Elderly are mistaken, there are also the Laws of Tax Incentives that increase the possibilities of fundraising through the reduction of taxes of legal entities and individuals.

However, knowing either how they work and how they can be applied is one of the greatest difficulties faced by third sector organisations, (we will talk about this subject in the next post). Stay tuned in the next articles!) being composed of non-profit organisations, that is, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), voluntary work service clubs, religious institutions, charities, among others.

Were you interested (a) to donate or deduct your taxes through the participation of the elderly fund? Take the opportunity to know the Photovoltaic Project developed by Lar Santa Maria da Paz de Tijucas that is available for fundraising and make your donation! Check out the data for deposit below:

CNPJ: 26.708.668/0001-81
Caixa Econômica Federal
A/C N:71.001-1
President of the Municipal Council of the Elderly: Maria Edésia Silva Varga
Fund Contact: 3263 57 56

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