Sustainable development – everyone’s commitment

Sustainability is a concept that is gaining more visibility every day. This occurs, also, because the planet is reaching a level of compromise of its capacity of balance, impacting in a disastrous way on people’s lives, flora and fauna worldwide. Remembering that the concept “sustainable development” developed by the World Commission on Environment and Development chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland, in 1987, defined sustainable development as “that which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

Sustainability, therefore, is a broad theme that inextricably involves the economic, social and environmental pillars. Understanding it in a dismembered way would compromise the possibility of a broad action capable of ensuring its implementation. As of 2015, the United Nations Organization (UNO) created the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aim to raise awareness about a radical change in order to end poverty, violence in its various dimensions, protection of the environment ensuring that everyone can have the right to peace and prosperity.

The Sebrae/SC consultant in the Sustainability area, Tainá T. Coelho, explains that the SDGs are a set of 17 objectives, integrated and indivisible, divided into 169 easily understandable goals. The SDGs can be adopted according to the priorities of each country, company, institution or civil society in a collective construction for a sustainable world.

Shee also explains that in the case of companies, the UN created the Global Compact in 2000, which is considered the largest corporate cooperation agreement in the world. Its actions are aligned with 10 universal principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption. The companies that are part of this Pact are important drivers of changes in practice and in the adherence to the SDGs. The consultant informs that the SDGs are an opportunity to change the mindset of companies that can innovate in their processes and products, grow by the example of social and environmental responsibility, obtaining a competitive advantage over other entrepreneurs who have not yet adhered to sustainable practices.

The Association Casa Irmã Dulce, or as it is better known, Lar Santa Maria da Paz applies in its day-to-day Sustainable Development Goals. At the moment is raising funds to develop the project Installation of photovoltaic system reinforcing its commitment to use renewable energy. I invite you to know the project that can be financed by legal entities and individuals, also through the destination of part of the income tax due.

Check the data of the fund that the institution is able to raise funds through the destination of part of the income tax due:


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President of the Municipal Council of the Elderly: Maria Edésia Silva Varga
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