Literacy activity

Faced with the new population portrait new challenges arise and require a change and response that meets this scenario. Historically, in Brazil, there is an invisibility of aging, recognizing the problem is a starting point for discussing this problem and promoting structural changes even in environments resistant to change. We age and the active, autonomous, integrated, dignified and participative old age is a right guaranteed in the Elderly Statute, Law n. 10.741/2003, in the Elderly National Policy, Law n. 8.842/1994 and in the Magna Carta of 1988, art. 230.

In our institution the elderly have activities that work the mind and the body. The activities take place according to the interests of the elderly and their degree of dependence, providing them with well-being and involvement with the other elderly. The literacy activity arises as an option to encourage the elderly who have not had the opportunity to learn to read and write. As a method and specific didactics it stimulates the elderly and guides the teaching and learning processes.

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