Frequently asked questions

LSIE stands for Long Stay Institution for the Elderly, thus the nomenclature asylum was extinct, it is a collective housing for people aged 60 years or more.

People of both sexes, aged 60 or over. As we are a residential home, we welcome elderly people with a dependency level of I or II.

Each and every elderly person, before joining our institution, undergoes a multi-professional assessment. Tests are also requested to assess the clinical condition of the elderly person and a psychosocial interview is held with the family. This assessment is necessary to better meet the needs of the elderly. The patient will only be admitted after the results of these assessments are available and we will then contact the person responsible for signing a contract between the parties involved. The elderly person will become our resident and we will immediately start the welcoming and adaptation work such as: presentation of the professionals who will take care of him/her, moving to the agreed accommodation, organisation of belongings and social interaction with the other residents.

The elderly can stay as long as they can and want to, always respecting their wish to stay.

As it is a philanthropic institution, the elderly person pays 70% of the total amount of their benefit. In the case of benefits committed to loans, those responsible for them pay the final amount. The people responsible for the elderly person make the payment to the institution.

The elderly at the moment they enter the institution they are entitled to all the services provided in the institution. Medical assistance, nursing assistance 24 hours and all multidisciplinary monitoring. Balanced feeding, lucid activities, physiotherapy, pilates among other activities.

It is the responsibility of those responsible for the elderly to bring personal hygiene products, nappies, medicines, clothing when requested, food supplements when necessary.

The institution has double or triple rooms all suites, recreation rooms, dining area, party room, interactive balcony, medical office, special care wing, the whole structure thought to better serve the elderly resident, making it have the LSIE as your home.

Yes. The visiting hours are displayed at the reception, from Monday to Saturday from 14:00h to 17:00h, Sundays and holidays in the morning from 09:00h to 11:00h.

The service provided by volunteers is extremely important for the institution. To become a volunteer it is necessary to call the institution and schedule an interview with our psychologist. In case of volunteer groups, they should also call the institution and make an appointment with our social worker.

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