About us

Who we are
We are a philanthropic LSIE structured to attend the elderly, preferentially, in dependence degree I and II. Our focus is to provide the elderly a qualified and specialized care 24 hours a day through our qualified multidisciplinary team.

History of the Home 
The history of the Home Santa Maria da Paz began in 1910, with the coming of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus from Curitiba – PR, to start the work of a hospital asylum, as no resources were obtained they returned to PR. In 1918, the Sisters of Divine Providence began the activities of the Espirito Santo School and the formation of novices. The school functioned from 1972 to 1973 when its activities were closed and the structure was sold to four doctors. In 1991, Sister Terezina, realising the latent need and the request of the local residents for a suitable place to receive elderly and needy people, sought financial help and, together with the community, founded the ESAC (Espírito Santo Assistance Centre). To make the acquisition of the property possible, there was help from several companies in the region and also from the municipal and state public power and when the work was in progress they began the search for some congregation that could execute and manage the work. Then, in 1995, the Sisters of the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Helpless Elders, formed by religious women coming from Spain, started to manage the institution. They worked exclusively with the reception of elderly people from all over the region. For 18 years the Sisters managed the care activities for the elderly, but in September 2013 they sent a letter to municipal authorities and the Church informing their departure from the administration of the entity. In April 2014 the Association Casa Irmã Dulce took over the command of the Home, signing a contract of free lease for 30 years between ESAC and Association that began to manage the institution until today. The institution offers the elderly various types of opportunities and entertainment. Among them, we highlight: theoretical and practical classes in wood arts, through two volunteer instructors, also literacy classes; theoretical and practical classes in fabric painting arts, through two volunteers; fun and entertainment events every Saturday, provided by three interaction groups, including snacks with coffee; study skills project, in partnership with SESC Tijucas, for all elderly people; and Dog therapy in partnership with the Fire Department of Tijucas. The Association also carries out social projects in its community, highlighting the following: loan to the community of wheelchairs, hospital beds, crutches, aids and other orthopedic items; exchanges of these same equipments with other institutions, in case they are not in use, so as not to stop serving those in need; donations of clothing to entities that do social work, such as: Casa Lar in Tijucas-SC, Indigenous Village in Biguaçu-SC and Haitian Immigrants in Tubarão-SC; and donations of non-perishable food and surplus clothing to the Bethania Community, São Lourenço Therapeutic Community, São José Hospital in Tijucas, Orianópolis and to the FIA Project of the Espírito Santo Assistance Centre.

To welcome and ensure material, moral, social and spiritual assistance to the elderly in need without distinction of belief, race, sex, colour or nationality. Assuring their physical and mental autonomy.

To be a benchmark institution in Brazil as the best place to live and work.

Credibility; Quality; Respect; Responsibility and Sustainability.

Meet who makes it happen

Board of Directors, Fiscal Council and Advisory Board

  • Luiz Carlos Santana Filho – President
  • Romeu Gomes Mendes – Vice President
  • Tainá Terezinha Coelho – 1st Secretary
  • Cleber Farias Gomes – 2nd Secretary
  • Paulo Luiz Sonego – 1st Treasurer
  • João Paulo Santana – 2nd Treasurer

Fiscal Council

  • Inês Benatti
  • Valmor da Silva
  • Venésio Lourenci

Alternates of the Fiscal Council

  • Paulo Ricardo Figueiredo
  • Vita João Luiz de Souza

Advisory Board

  • Arlete Laguna Zótico


Transparency is a necessity for us to communicate objectively and clearly with our employees, civil society and our partners. In addition to reinforcing our alignment with national and international compliance standards and strengthening our adherence to the UN SDGs, mainly, SDG 16 which aims to “Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels”