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Santa Maria da paz

The institution is an LSIE that currently houses 60 elderly people and offers various types of activities and entertainment. Among them, we highlight: theoretical and practical classes of wood arts, fabric painting arts, dog therapy, cultural and entertainment events, provided by three interaction groups. The institution also carries out social projects in its community, highlighting: loan to the community of wheelchairs, hospital beds, crutches, aids and other orthopedic items, exchange of equipment with other institutions, if not in use, donations of clothes to entities that do social work.


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Sustainable development – everyone’s commitment

Sustainability is a concept that is gaining more visibility every day. This occurs, also, because the planet is reaching a level of compromise of its capacity of balance, impacting disastrously on the lives of people, flora and fauna worldwide.

The benefits of the law to encourage the rights of the elderly

Whether you are an individual or a company, this article is for you who are interested in learning about and being a part of the Incentive Law for the Rights of the Elderly, created to facilitate and streamline the process of raising funds for the development of special protection actions for the elderly.

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